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The River Dart

Fishing is available from the following:


The Duchy of Cornwall's Dartmoor Estate

The Duchy of Cornwall's Dartmoor Estate comprises over 67,000 acres. The Estate includes some 26 miles fishing on the East and West Dart and their tributaries, the vast majority of which is available to anglers. Day, week or season tickets for brown trout and/or salmon and sea trout can be obtained either direct from the Westcountry Rivers Trust or from a range of outlets across the moor as listed on the Trust's website. Prices range from [a] for brown trout £10 a day to £70 for the season, and [b] salmon from £30 a day to £150 a season(prices subject to periodic review).

The Duchy is represented by its Agent on the committee of the Dart Fisheries Association. The Estate takes an active role in working with both the committee and all other parties involved in riparian ownership and management on Dartmoor to safeguard and preserve the unique fishery that exists.

The Westcountry Rivers Trust is in the process of compiling a management plan for the Duchy relating to its riparian ownership on Dartmoor which will provide an extremely useful tool to direct future management forr both habitat and access purposes.


The Dart Angling Association

The Dart Angling Association owns or rents approximately 9 miles of fishing between Holne Bridge and Totnes. Visitors day tickets for brown trout and/or salmon and seatrout can be obtained from the Sea Trout Inn, Staverton. Prices of tickets are [a] for brown trout are £15 per day or £50 per week, and [b] for salmon seatrout are £20 per day or £100 per week. For full information refer to the DAA's website

The Dart Angling Association was formed in 1895 " to provide affordable fishing for its members and visitors alike". It is fully committed to ensuring a sustainable fishery for future generations of anglers to enjoy, that there will always be fishing available to its members on the River Dart and that all aspects of the sport of angling continue able to be enjoyed by the Membership as a whole. The Association wholeheartedly supports the habitat conservation work carried out by the Dart Fisheries Association and the River Dart Partnership. With representation on both these bodies the DAA is actively engaged in the management and care of the river.




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